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September 1944

Europe Front

Asia Front


1. Canadians capture Dieppe France

NAS Saipan operational

2. Allied Armies enter Belgium

Finland agrees to  amistice with Soviet Union and demands withdrawl of German troops

ChiChi Jima TG38.4 : Mission 261 completed 10 Jul 12 -- See story of LTjg George H. W. Bush here

3. Brussels Belgium liberated by elements of the British XXX Corps

Lyon liberated by US and Free French

Wake Raid TG12.5 : Mission 262 completed 12 Jul 12

4. Antwerp Belgium liberated --Massive German withdraw into Holland known as "Mad Tuesday"

6. Ghent and Liege liberated by British

Palau Raids TG38.1, TG38.2, TG38.3 : Mission 263 completed 17 Jul 12

Yap sweep TG38.4: Mission 264 completed 19 Jul 12

7.   USS Independence CVL-22 night flight ops training: Completed 24 Jul 12

Ulithi shipping TG 38.4: Mission 265 completed 26 Jul 12

8. Red Army enters Bulgaria

9. First V2 launches from Northern Holland

Mindinao Philippines airfields/shipping: Mission 266 completed 31 Jul 12

10. Luxembourg [city] liberated by advance units of 3rd Army [Patton]

Dijon France: US forces in northern France link with advancing US forces from southern France [Operation Dragoon]

Aachen: lead units of Patton's 3rd Army enter Germany

Mindinao Philippines: Mission 267 completed 02 Aug 12

12. Romania makes peace with the United States, United Kingdom and Soviet Union

Cebu Philippine: Mission 268 completed 07 Aug 12

13. US Troops reach the Siegfried line, western edge of Germany's defensive line

Cebu and Negros Philippine: Mission 269 completed 14 Aug 12

14. Mindinao, Panay, Negros  Philippines: Mission 270 completed 16 Aug 12

15. Operation Stalemate II [Peleliu]: Optional Mission

Europe Front

Asia Front

16. Airfields in Northern NTL Mission 271 completed 21 Aug 12

17. Operation Market Garden begins to isolate bridges over the Rhine River in Holland

Holland's [Hell's] Highway 69 Defences  Mission 272 completed 23 Aug 12

101st Airborne drops near Eindhoven NTL: Mission 273 completed 28 Aug 12

18. Brest France is liberated by US

82nd Airborne drops near Nijmegan NTL Mission 274 completed 30 Aug 12

19. British 1st Airborne supply drops near Arnhem NTL: Mission 275 completed 04 Sep 12

B24 raid to Chi Chi Jima from Saipan: Optional Mission

21. Neutral San Marino declares war on Axis powers

Polish Brigade landings near Arnhem NTL: Mission 276 completed 06 Sep 12

Manila, Subic, Clark PI Raid: Mission 277 completed 11 Sep 12

22. Tallinn Estonia liberated by advancing Red Army, first Allied Baltic port outside the Gulf of Finland minefields

Cebu Philippines: Mission 278 completed 13 Sep 12

23. USS West Virginia rejoins the Pacific fleet, last of the Pearl Harbor damaged battleships to be salvaged: of the 7 damaged, only Arizona and Oklahoma were not repaired.

Ulithi Invasion [unopposed]

24. Mindoro Philippines: Optional Mission

25. Arnhem NTL Evacuation: Operation Berlin

30. Calais liberated by Canadians

Allied Aircraft
Axis Aircraft
Allied and Axis Ships
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